Flexible Construction Adhesive & Sealant

Elongation <400%

Elongation <500%

Elongation <600%

NS is a high-performance sealant and adhesive engineered for use across horizontal, overhead, and vertical applications. Formulated with a focus on longevity, it boasts moisture-curing and UV-stable properties, rendering it suitable for deployment in diverse environmental conditions including dry, damp, and cold climates. The incorporation of hybrid technology enables NS to deliver superior adhesive and cohesive bonding capabilities, alongside remarkable durability and an extended operational lifespan when juxtaposed with conventional polyurethane or silicone alternatives. NS-25 stands out for its isocyanate-free and solvent-free composition, ensuring no shrinkage during the curing process, absence of UV-induced discoloration, and minimal odor emission, thus rendering it apt for both indoor and outdoor use. NS exhibits rapid curing characteristics, forming a protective skin within 60 minutes and enabling it to be painted in as little as 90 minutes.



  • 10.1 fl.oz. cartridge
  • 28 fl. Oz. cartridge
  • 20 fl.oz. sausage
  • 2 gal. gallons


Weather sealing, siding, windows, roofing, door frames, pools, cove joints, parapets, expansion joints, precast concrete connections, flashing, and more.

Safety Data: